Himalia is a gaming community dedicated to online multiplayer shooter games. Today, we support Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.


Originally Himalia started as a Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory gaming community back at 2009. Our first public server was a Jaymod 2.1.7 server. To refresh the server and to have something new, we changed the server to N!tmod, which was still in its earliest state and for which development we took part, also. After some time, two of our community members and a third (core team) member from another gaming community, started a new project called silEnT mod. This mod has been used on our main server ever since that. In the history of our community, we have ran many servers with many different modifications. Now, only one W:ET server remains, and also stays running. That is, the silEnT mod objective server.

In 2015, we have opened our first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server. Which has since then been closed.

Our Game Servers

Steam Community

Find friends for playing from our Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Himalia. Free for all, please join.